C. F. McFadden Jr. LLC Services

Leak Detection & Leak Repair

Investigate, diagnose & repair leaks to all types of roofs. Specializing in Tile roof & Shingle roof detection & repair. Removal & disposal of existing problem roofing in roof areas & installation of new highest quality roofing materials in problem areas.

Roof Forensics, Inspection & Expert Witness

Inspect roof areas for water intrusion areas. Inspect for Loose materials or general problems related to the installation of roofing materials. We can also provide upon request written documentation of problems or potential problems for real estate sale or for court proceedings for litigation against contractors for faulty workmanship. Expert witness services for attending court proceedings to testify as to improper installation of roofing materials.

Roof Top & Attic Inspection

We provide inspection service for both roof top & attic inspection for real estate, insurance & bank financing requirements.

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